The Potter House, Henry IL, circa 1881

I am sharing photos from the first year of owning and living in the old Potter Mansion, located on Carroll Street in Henry Illinois. It was built in 1881, and is an Illinois Historical Landmark home. 6000 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 4 floors, 50' Tower. Created in the Empire Gothic Revival style, the Potter family moved here in the 1870s from Connecticut. Mr. Potter was a retired ship builder, and he designed and created this beautiful home. The framing for the house is pegged... meaning no nails, but custom fit wooden pegged together. It is still solid as rock. Original lathe and plaster throughout the home, the walls are 12" thick; 11" ceilings, a front stairwell and a rear stairwell off of the kitchen. Structurally sound, but there is some cosmetic repairs and work to do, but it is a labor of love.

Did you attend one of my lectures and remember my description of the landscaping?

Oh, and remember Puffin?


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