Includes 8 3,000-yard cones, 40-weight, 100% polyester quilting thread. Colors: Oyster Shell (9514), Opal (9603), Blue Lagoon (9508), Sunset (9600), Amazone (9509), Cappuccino (9510) Coral Fish (9506), Savanna (9507) Madeira Aeroquilt Variegated Value Packs provide 3,000 yards of unstoppable top-speed stitching at a superior value.


Aeroquilt Premium Longarm Quilting Thread is a 40-weight, 100% polyester thread made to withstand the rigors of longarm quilting. Made from colorfast and durable polyester, this thread gives stitching a cotton-like finish and is soft and gentle on fabric. Each 3,000-yard cone is core-spun to ensure quilts stand up to regular use and frequent washing.


Madeira Aeroquilt Thread is manufactured under stringent manufacturing guidelines and quality testing with environmentally friendly production methods.



Aeroquilt Variegated Value Pack

SKU: 9131BVP